As a Drago Wizard who once betrayed the Dragozaurs, Dark Dragon was an old enemy of the Dino Knights. Unlike the rest of the main cast, his normal form is a humanoid one and when fighting he transforms into what resembles a European dragon. He also has the ability to manipulate and produce bats, as well as other powers. Dark Dragon is very intelligent and relies on subtle manipulation for his plans, though he's extremely powerful, the only villain surpassing him being Diamond Ryugu himself. Destroyed when Dino Tyranno bisected his head, he asked what was so special about the Earth before exploding. He is voiced bt Darren Norris.

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A New Shadow

Keep the Faith

The Stolen Dino Dagger

The Ninja Castle in the Sky

Supersaurus' Great Strength

Gigano Strikes Back

The Demonic Solar Eclipse