Tyranno show

"Dino Tyranno, power of the Ancients! Silver Sword! Dino Knight, ready!"
"Ultimate Dino Tyranno, power of the Ancients! Mega Blade Broad Sword! Ultimate Dino Knight, ready!"

Dino Tyranno, also known as Dino T-Rex, is the leader of the Dino Knights whose dinosaur form is a Tyrannosaurus. He wields the Tyranno Silver Sword. Later, he becomes an Ultimate Dino Knight with Dino Rhamph's energy boost and wields the Tyranno Mega Blade Broad Sword. Has a rivalry with Gigano Dragon.

Dinozaurs TV SeriesEdit


Kaito looks up to Tyranno.

Voiced by Kim Strauss (English).

Tyranno, along with the other Dino Knights, was revived when the Dragozaurs returned to Earth (The Dino Knights Revived). He later charges Kaito with the retrieval of the Dino Daggers (The Dino Daggers of Friendship).


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